White Sands
Duran duran Patrick O'Hearn - White Sands
soundtrack album by Patrick O'Hearn
Released 14 April 1992
Recorded 1991-92
Genre Electronic, Ambient
Length 15 tracks
Label Polydor, Morgan Creek Records
Producer Patrick O'Hearn
reverse cover
Duran duran Patrick O'Hearn - White Sands 1
Warren Cuccurullo related

White Sands is an original motion picture soundtrack album composed by Patrick O'Hearn, released by Polydor, Morgan Creek Records in 1992. The album features Warren Cuccurullo.

About the albumEdit

This is the soundtrack to White Sands, a thriller movie directed by Roger Donaldson.

The soundtrack features eerie, haunting ambient music, composed by Patrick O'Hearn who has performed with Missing Persons and Andy Taylor. "Sacred Heart" was previously released on O'Hearn's Indigo album, in 1991.

The album is notable for Warren Cuccurullo performing guitar, who was a member of Duran Duran at the time of its release.

Track listingEdit

573 901-2, 573 901-2Edit

  1. "Opening Title" - Patrick O'Hearn (4:03)
  2. "Sacred Heart" - Patrick O'Hearn (3:11)
  3. "Welcome To Laos" - Patrick O'Hearn (2:07)
  4. "The Heart That You Own" - Dwight Yoakam (3:08)
  5. "Do You Like Helicopters, Bobby?" - Patrick O'Hearn (2:04)
  6. "Observed In The Hotel" - Patrick O'Hearn (2:03)
  7. "Dinner With Ray & Lane" - Patrick O'Hearn (4:00)
  8. "Trust Me" - Patrick O'Hearn (1:00)
  9. "The Rodeo" - Patrick O'Hearn (3:53)
  10. "Shower Scene" - Patrick O'Hearn (2:22)
  11. "It Was A Judgement Call" - Patrick O'Hearn (3:31)
  12. "Ray Sets Up The Meeting" - Patrick O'Hearn (1:59)
  13. "Farewell To Lennox" - Patrick O'Hearn (2:14)
  14. "Are You In Love With Me?" / "Meeker's Demise" - Patrick O'Hearn (2:42)
  15. "Quicksand And Lies" - Little Feat (5:10)


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