When The Rain Comes Down
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single by Andy Taylor
Released 1986
Recorded 1986
Genre Pop, rock
Length 3:52 (Short Version)
5:02 (Long Version)
Label MCA Records
Writer(s) Andy Taylor, Steve Jones
Producer(s) Andy Taylor
Steve Jones
Andy Taylor

"When The Rain Comes Down" is the second single by Andy Taylor, released from the Miami Vice 2: Soundtrack by MCA Records in August 1986.

About the song Edit

Co-written, co-produced and performed by Andy Taylor, the song features in the Miami Vice TV series during the episode called Stone's War. The episode was aired on 3 October 1986.

The single was co-produced by Sex Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones, who also worked on other Taylor projects including "Take It Easy".

The single includes the B-side track "Broken Window", listed on the record label as "Broken Homes". Duran Duran Arena album credited George Tutko, engineered the track.

Other Miami Vice connectionsEdit

Andy Taylor appeared in the second series of Miami Vice (1985/86) in an episode called Whatever Works. In the episode he performed the song "Get It On (Bang a Gong)" with The Power Station, during a bar scene with Don Johnson.

In the same year Johnson introduced The Power Station at Live Aid, on 13 July 1985.

Other appearancesEdit


Videos and DVDs:

Track listing Edit

7": MCA P-2183 (US)

  1. "When The Rain Comes Down" - 3:52
  2. "Broken Window" - 4:11

12": MCA L33-17196 Promo (US)

  1. "When The Rain Comes Down" (Long Version) - 5:02
  2. "When The Rain Comes Down" (Short Version) - 3:52

Lyrics Edit

There's a change of heart

And you're in a race

And you don't know where it ends

In another world 

Where you're upside down

Trying to make amends

Whoa, I don't believe what I see and I hear

Whoa, I can't explain what is here but it's here


When the rain comes down

When the rain comes down

Time to start with a different face

I gotta get out of here

I'll take my chance in a different place

Now my mind is clear

Whoa, I don't believe what I see and I hear

Whoa, I can't explain what is here but it's here


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