WHT Remixed
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unofficial compilation album
Country Unknown Question-mark duran duran wikipedia logo discogs collection
Released 2006
Label Unknown Label
Genre Pop
Length 12 tracks
Format CD
Producer(s) Duran Duran
Don Gilmore
Duran Duran

What Happens Tomorrow Remixed is an unofficial Duran Duran compilation album, featuring a collection of "What Happens Tomorrow" tracks.

About the albumEdit

Written by the original five members of Duran Duran, "What Happens Tomorrow" is the second single released from the album Astronaut in January 2005. The single debuted at no.11 on the UK Singles Chart on 6 February 2005.

The compilation includes a remix by Mark Tinley, a British record producer who has done other remixes for artists including Gary Numan and Adamski.

There is also a demo version recorded in France during 2001, a track released on the unofficial Oh My God What's This album.

"Silent Icy River" was originally part of the demo version of "What Happens Tomorrow" recorded in 2001, when Duran Duran rented a house near St.Tropez in the South of France. The track was later reworked to become the B-side to "What Happens Tomorrow".

Track listingEdit

  1. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Album Version)
  2. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Cosmic Cutdown Mix 2)
  3. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Pixels of Remix)
  4. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Punk Soundcheck Remix)
  5. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Mark Tinley Remix)
  6. "What Happens Tomorrow" (DJ Funky Remix)
  7. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Protect You)
  8. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Nobody Knows)
  9. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Acoustic Version)
  10. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Demo Version)
  11. "What Happens Tomorrow" (Night Version)
  12. "Silent Icy River"


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