We've No Time (For One Another)
John Taylor Meltdown
song by John Taylor
Released 1999
Recorded 1992
Genre Pop
Length 3:48 minutes
Label B5 Records
Producer(s) John Taylor
Patty Palazzo
John Taylor

"We've No Time (For One Another)" is a song by John Taylor, released on the Meltdown album by B5 Records in 1999.

About the songEdit

The song was written by John Taylor, who also co-produced the track with Patty Palazzo. "We've No Time (For One Another)" was recorded seven years previously in 1992 at the home of Taylor, just before the release of Duran Duran's Wedding Album.

This is a mid-tempo pop song, released on Taylor's own B5 Record label and purchased on Meltdown through the Trust The Process website.

Other appearancesEdit



Driving up down Fountain Ave. I'll tell you how it is:
We've no time for one another
Changed a lot since we first met we've changed the way we live
Now we've no time for each other
How do you keep a flame alive and burning?
What do you have to sacrifice to hold on to it all?
Why do you think the birds have all stopped singing?
What do we have to do to make it like it used to be?
We got to give it all we got if we want more than memories
We got to THINK
Make some room for love
Find some time for one another
Think: Do we really care?
Do we care for one another?

Days go by so fast I hardly see you
We spend so little time together I hardly know
you at all
I can't believe we've really just been married
It must have been a spell that woman cast on
us that night...

Maybe we've just been spoilt too much
We've lived in one another's pockets for so very long
Maybe it's just down to the change of season
What do we have to do to make it better than today?
We've got to give it all we've got if we want more than
memory yeah
Because we've no time for one another...
We've no time for one another
We've no time for one another
We've no time for one another

Driving you out late one night I tell you how it is
We've no time for one another
We got to change the way we live and think about
each other
If we want to stay together

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