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Video Credits
Video1 planet earth

"Planet Earth" - December 1980

  • Directed by Russell Mulcahy
  • Produced by Lexi Godfrey
  • Filmed - St. John's Wood, UK
Video2 careless memories

"Careless Memories" - December 1980

Video3 girls on film

"Girls on Film" - August 1981

  • Directed by Godley & Creme
  • Produced by Chrissie Smith
  • Filmed - Shepperton Studios, UK
Video4 my own way

"My Own Way" - March 1982

Video5 hungry like the wolf

"Hungry Like The Wolf" - May 1982

Video6 rio

"Rio" - May 1982

  • Directed by Russell Mulcahy
  • Produced by Jackie Adams
  • Filmed - Leeward Islands, Antigua
Video7 save a prayer

"Save A Prayer" - May 1982

Video8 night boat

"Night Boat" - May 1982

Video9 lonely

"Lonely In Your Nightmare" - February 1982

Video10 chauffeur

"The Chauffeur" - 1982

Video11 is there some

"Is There Something I Should Know?" - March 1983

Video12 union of the

"Union of the Snake" - September 1983

Video13 reflex

"The Reflex" - March 1984

  • Directed by Russell Mulcahy
  • Produced by Chrissie Smith
  • Filmed - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada
Video14 wild boys

"The Wild Boys" - June 1984

Video15 new moon

"New Moon on Monday" - January 1984

  • Directed by Brian Grant
  • Filmed - Noyers, Bercy and Paris, France
Video16 to a kill

"A View To A Kill" - June 1985

  • Directed by Godley & Creme
  • Produced by Lexi Godfrey
  • Filmed - Paris, France
Video17 Notorious video

"Notorious" - October 1986

Video18 Skin Trade video

"Skin Trade" - February 1987

Video19 Meet El P video

"Meet El Presidente" - May 1987

Video20 i don't want

"I Don't Want Your Love" - July/August 1988

Video21 All she wants is video

"All She Wants Is" - July/August 1988

Video22 Burning TG video

"Burning the Ground" - July 1989

  • Created by Adrian Martin using clips from previous videos
  • Created - UK
Video23 DYBIS video

"Do You Believe in Shame?" - February 1989

Video24Violence video

"Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)" - March 1990

  • Directed by Camilla Nickerson for Big TV!
  • Produced by Jeremy Barrett for Vivid Productions
  • Filmed - Paris, France
Video25 Serious video

"Serious" - March 1990

  • Directed by Venetia Scott for Big TV!
  • Produced by Jeremy Barrett for Vivid Productions
  • Filmed - Paris, France
Video26 OW video

"Ordinary World" - December 1992

  • Directed by Nick Egan
  • Filmed - Huntington Gardens, Pasadena, California, USA
  • Video shoot was rearranged at last minute when original director pulled out of project
Video27 CU video

"Come Undone" - January 1993

  • Directed by Julien Temple
  • Produced by Kirsten Smythe and William Coleman for Nitrate Films
  • Filmed - London Zoo, London, UK
Video28 Breath video

"Breath After Breath" - April/May 1993

  • Directed by Keith Ward
  • Filmed - Buenos Aries, Argentina (live footage from the Velez Stadium show, 30 April 1993)
Video29 toomuch video

"Too Much Information" - July 1993

Video30 Femme fatale video

"Femme Fatale" - 1994

Video31 White lines video

"White Lines" - January 1995

Video32 Perfect day video

"Perfect Day" - February 1995

Video33 Electric B video

"Electric Barbarella" - May/June 1997

Video34 out omm video

"Out of My Mind" - February 1997

  • Directed by Dean Karr
  • Filmed - castle near Prague, Czech Republic
Video35 Someone ENM video

"Someone Else Not Me" - April 2000

  • Duran Duran collaborate with the Internet production team Fullerene Video; Simon, Nick and Warren are transformed into digital animation
Video36 sunrise

"Sunrise" - 2004

Video37 what happens

"What Happens Tomorrow" - 2005

  • Directed by Smith n' Borin (Frank Buff Borin and Ryan Smith)
Video38 falling down

"Falling Down" - 2007

All you need is now video

"All You Need Is Now" - December 2010

  • Directed by Nick Egan
  • Filmed - London, UK (November)
All you need is now duran duran duran video

"All You Need Is Now" - April 2011

  • Genero TV Contest Winner
  • Created by: Andrea Benitez, Gonzalo Tugas, Hissora Linse and Luber Mujica
  • Actresses: Corina Hernandez and Rebecca Kronvall
  • Special thanks to Bruna Allain, Lorena Franzoni and Marty Kelly

"Blame the Machines" - April 2011

  • Genero TV Contest Winner
  • Directed by Sebastian Mihailescu
  • Cinematographer - Mihai Ciobanu
  • Editor - Lucian Alexandru Andreica
  • Actors - Radu Saghin, Sebastian Mihailescu
Being followed duran duran

"Being Followed" - April 2011

  • Genero TV Contest Winner
  • Directed by Aleksey Khruslov
  • DP by Andrey Virin
  • Nikolay Romankov
  • Anton Lanshakov
  • Aleksandr Ovchinnikov
  • Nina Urmanova
Leave a light on duran duran

"Leave A Light On" - April 2011

Safe in the heat of the moment duran duran

"Safe (In the Heat of the Moment)" - April 2011

Girl panic duran duran

"Girl Panic!" - April 2011

Man who stole a leopard duran duran

"The Man Who Stole A Leopard" - April 2011

  • Genero TV Contest Winner
  • Leopard: Franca Arriola
  • Him: Gabriela Garciandía
  • Producer & Stylist: Paula Arriola x MARIA PELIGRO
  • Director, DoP, Editor: Matías Penachino
  • Additional Camera: Jesus Rodriguez
  • Production Design: UNHIT! VIDEOS
Runway runaway duran duran

"Runway Runaway" - April 2011

Special thanks to:

  • Paulina Skarbowska
  • Lilla House Rzeszów
  • Łukasz Lech
  • Łukasz Chudy
  • Miłosz Podleśny
  • Agnieszka Wiatrowska
Before the rain video duran duran 1

"Before the Rain" - April 2011

  • Genero TV Contest Winner
  • Filmed & edited by Andrew Pearce
  • Starring Samantha Pearce and Ben Pearce
  • Thanks to Les & Belinda Pearce and Hannah Waite
  • Filmed in Australia
Wikipedia wiki duran duran video discogs pressure off single

"Pressure Off" - June 2015

Wikipedia duran duran band discogs video

"Last Night in the City" - September 2016

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