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Underneath the Clocktower

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Underneath the Clocktower
Lyric book simon le bon duran duran wikipedia
Lyric book by Simon Le Bon
song by Simon Le Bon
Label unrecorded
Format unrecorded
Length unknown
Released unreleased
Genre Pop
Producer unrecorded
Duran Duran related

"Underneath the Clocktower" is an unreleased song, written by Simon Le Bon in June 1980.

About the songEdit

One month after wearing pink leopard skin trousers to his audition for Duran Duran, Simon Le Bon wrote the lyrics to this song during June 1980.

This was a period when the band printed tickets for their first show featuring band members Le Bon and Andy Taylor. It was planned for six weeks hence.

The song was never recorded by Duran Duran.

The words of "Underneath the Clocktower" were written in Le Bon's lyric book, a standard European size A4 bound book with much distressed ice-blue cloth wrapped boards.

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