Ultimix: Special 25th Edition
promo single by Ultimix
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. UM-25-XB
Label Ultimix
Format 12" vinyl (45 RPM)
Length 4 tracks
Released 1988
Genre Pop, Electronic, Dance
Producer various
featuring Duran Duran

"Ultimix: Special 25th Edition" is a promotional-only 12" vinyl single featuring Duran Duran, released in the USA by Ultimix during 1988.

About the singleEdit

This is a DJ product only by the remix service Ultimix, based in Greensboro, USA. Featuring song mixes created by various producers, the single could only be purchased by registered DJs.

Included is a rare remix of Duran Duran's seventeenth single "I Don't Want Your Love" by Rob Harvey.

Track listingEdit


Side oneEdit

  1. "I Wanna Have Some Fun" (Mix by Roy McLeod) - Samantha Fox
  2. "Somebody Like You" (Mix by Les Massengale) - Melissa Rowan

Side twoEdit

  1. "I Don't Want Your Love" (Mix by Rob Harvey) - Duran Duran
  2. "Love, Truth & Honesty" (Mix by Rob Harvey) - Bananarama

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