Ultimix: Funkymix 15
Funkymix 15 ultimix duran duran
compilation album
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. FM-15
Label Ultimix
Format 3 x 12" vinyl (45 RPM)
Length 10 tracks
Released 1993
Genre Pop, Dance, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop
Producer various
featuring Duran Duran

Ultimix: Funkymix 15 is a promotional-only single set featuring Duran Duran, released in the USA by Ultimix during 1993.

About the compilationEdit

This is a DJ product only by the remix service Ultimix, based in Greensboro, USA. Featuring remixes and original songs by various artists, the set could only be purchased by registered DJs.

Included is Duran Duran's twenty fourth single "Come Undone", remixed by Les Massengale and Mark Roberts. The track is also available on the Mixed Up/Strange Frequency album.

Track listingEdit


Side AEdit

  1. "Whoot, There It Is" - 95 South (7:11)
  2. "Love No Limit" - Mary J. Blige (5:13)

Side BEdit

  1. Dre Day" - Dr. Dre (9:30)

Side CEdit

  1. "Voice of Freedom" - Freedom Williams (6:17) Remix by Les Massengale
  2. "Chief Rocka" - Lords Of The Underground (5:20) Remix by Bradley D. Hinkle, Rhythm Fanatic

Side DEdit

  1. "Come Undone" - Duran Duran (6:42) Remix by Les Massengale, Mark Roberts
  2. "Do Da What" - 1 Of The Girls (6:08) Remix by Les Massengale, Mark Roberts

Side EEdit

  1. "Slam" - Onyx (6:12) Remix by DJ Roach
  2. "If I Had No Loot" - Tony! Toni! Toné! (6:18) Remix by Mark Roberts

Side FEdit

  1. "The Reggae Hip Hop Medley" - Various (14:57) Remix by Roonie G

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