Twogether duran duran edited
film credits
Directed by Andrew Chiaramonte
Produced by Emmett Alston
Co-producer Todd Fisher
Original music Nigel Holton
Cinematography Eugene D. Shlugleit
Editing by Andrew Chiaramonte
Todd Fisher
Released 1994
Running time 120 minutes
featuring music by Duran Duran

Twogether is a 1994 film directed by Andrew Chiaramonte, that stars Nick Cassavetes and Brenda Bakke. The film features "Serious" by Duran Duran.

About the film Edit

The film centers around the two main characters John and Alison, who after a drinking binge in Las Vegas, get married on a whim... and get divorced, followed by an even speedier split-up.

When they get together to celebrate their separation, they again end up in bed. But this time Allison ends up pregnant. Because she is unwilling to get an abortion, John and Allison work out a deal to bring up the baby jointly, but without committing to each other. Problems arise, however, when John's irresponsible lifestyle and Allison's insecurities have them both feeling overwhelmed and desperate.

Cast Edit

  • Nick Cassavetes - Wolfgang Amadeus 'John' Madler
  • Brenda Bakke - Allison McKenzie
  • Jeremy Piven - Arnie
  • Jim Beaver - Oscar
  • Tom Dugan - Paul
  • Damian London - Mark Saffron
  • William Bumiller - Donald Walters
  • Jennifer Bassey - Mrs. McKenzie
  • Jerry Bossard - Bartender
  • Deborah Driggs - Beach Babe / Melissa
  • Christian Bocher - David
  • Margaret Muse - John's Mother
  • Stanley Grover - Mr. McKenzie
  • Thomas Knickerbocker - Ed Morley
  • Lauren Grey - Beatrice Norton

Soundtrack Edit

  • "Serious" - Performed by Duran Duran
  • "It All Falls Down" - Performed by Tim Horrigan
  • "One Fine Day" - Performed by Camouflage
  • "Requiem" - Performed by The Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
  • "Love Is A Shield" - Performed by Camouflage
  • "Hard Feelings" - Performed by Bob Kulick & Paul Rafferty
  • "Kiss The Ground She Walks On" - Performed by Ivory Tower
  • "Your Heart Knows The Truth (Transitions)" - Performed by Tim Horrigan
  • "So Long" - Performed by Pat Benatar
  • "Come Together" - Performed by Primal Scream

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