Too Good to be Bad
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song by Michael Des Barres
Released 1986
Recorded 1986
Genre Rock
Length 5:10 minutes
Label Gold Maintain, MCA Records, Victor
Writer(s) Michael Des Barres, Laurence Juber, Kevin Savigar
Producer Bob Rose
The Power Station related

"Too Good to be Bad" is a song by Michael Des Barres, released on his second studio album Somebody Up There Likes Me by Gold Maintain-MCA Records-Victor in 1986.

About the songEdit

This is a song from an album featuring Andy Taylor and Steve Jones.

In 1985, Michael Des Barres had a life-changing experience when asked to fill-in for Robert Palmer on The Power Station's Get It On Tour. The song was performed during this tour.

"Too Good to be Bad" is a moody standout ballad.

Other related appearancesEdit


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