Tony Hadley
Tony hadley album simon le bon edited
album by Tony Hadley
Released 1997
Recorded 1997
Genre Pop
Length 13 tracks
Label Slipstream Records / PolyGram TV
Producer Gary Stevenson
reverse cover 
Tony hadley back duran duran edited
featuring Simon Le Bon

Tony Hadley is a self named album by Tony Hadley featuring Simon Le Bon, released by Slipstream Records / PolyGram TV during 1997.

About the album Edit

The album is by Tony Hadley, the lead singer of the 1980s band Spandau Ballet. Some felt the band were Duran Duran's musical rivals, especially as they appeared together on the British TV show Pop Quiz in competition.

Tony Hadley features Simon Le Bon singing backing vocals on a cover version of Duran Duran's 1982 song "Save A Prayer", which is also available on the unofficial album Simon Le Bon Story. The album also includes a cover of Bryan Ferry's "Slave To Love".

Track listing Edit

539 301-2, 539 301-2 Edit

  1. "Save A Prayer" (backing vocals by Simon Le Bon) (5:07)
  2. "Slave To Love" (3:58)
  3. "She's Gone" (4:57)
  4. "Maybe You And I" (4:21)
  5. "Wonderful Life" (5:05)
  6. "She" (3:44)
  7. "The First Cut Is The Deepest" (3:36)
  8. "Dance With Me" (4:46)
  9. "Have You Seen Her" (4:19)
  10. "Free Fallin" (4:11)
  11. "Woman In Chains" (4:52)
  12. "First of May" (5:22)
  13. "Love Affair" (5:07)

Credits Edit

  • Track 1 - Written by Duran Duran
  • Track 2 - Written by Ferry
  • Track 3 - Written by Hall & Oates
  • Track 4 - Written by Phil Taylor and Tony Hadley
  • Track 5 - Written by Colin Vearncombe
  • Track 6 - Written by Dave West, Gary Stevenson and Tony Hadley
  • Track 7 - Written by Cat Stevens
  • Track 8 - Written by Simon Baisley and Tony Hadley
  • Track 9 - Written by Barbara Aclin and Eugene Record
  • Track 10 - Written by Jeff Lynn and Tom Petty
  • Track 11 - Written by Orzabal
  • Track 12 - Written by Bee Gees
  • Track 13 - Written by Simon Baisley and Tony Hadley

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