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Tokyo 2005
Duran duran 2005-08-15 tokyo
live album
Venue Studio Coast, Tokyo,
Japan Japan flag
Recorded 15 August 2005
Released 2005
Label unofficial
Format 2-CD
Length 20 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
concert ticket
Ticket 15 aug 2005 200
Japan tour 2005 duran duran
Japan poster 2 dates
Studio coast tokyo wikipedia duran duran
Tokyo wikipedia duran duran
concert location

Tokyo 2005 is an unofficial Duran Duran live album, recorded during The Astronaut Tour at Studio Coast in Tokyo, Japan on 15 August 2005 2005.

About the albumEdit

The album is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at Studio Coast, a 2,400 capacity venue also known as Ageha (Japanese word for Swallowtail butterfly). This was the last of three shows performed in Tokyo on the tour.

After American band Weezer warmed the crowd with their blend of alternative rock, Duran Duran appeared on stage. The five original members wasted no time and launched the show with "Sunrise", the first single released from Astronaut.

During the evening Simon Le Bon struggled with his voice whilst singing "A View To A Kill". After the following song "Ordinary World", he then asked the audience to sing "Save A Prayer", to give his voice a break.

"Rio" served as the show's grand finale. Towards the end of the song Andy Hamilton brought his saxophone to the front of the stage for the track’s solo, getting a huge cheer from the crowd in the process.

Tickets for the event cost around 9,000 Japanese Yen.

The Japanese 2005 tour poster features photography by Kristian Schuller, printed with different dates to the ones that were actually performed.

Track listingEdit

CD 1Edit

  1. "Sunrise"
  2. "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  3. "Planet Earth"
  4. "Astronaut"
  5. "I Don't Want Your Love"
  6. "Chains"
  7. "The Reflex"
  8. "Sound of Thunder"
  9. "Tiger Tiger"
  10. "Still Breathing"

CD 2Edit

  1. "A View To A Kill"
  2. "Ordinary World"
  3. "Save A Prayer"
  4. "Taste the Summer"
  5. "Notorious"
  6. "Nice"
  7. "Careless Memories"
  8. "The Wild Boys"
  9. "Girls on Film"
  10. "Rio"


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