Date Event
16 Jul, 1980 Duran Duran: The Rum Runner, Birmingham, UK
16 Jul, 1982 Duran Duran: Playhouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
16 Jul 1993 Duran Duran: Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise (Fort Lauderdale), FL, USA (with Terence Trent D'Arby)
16 Jul, 2005 Duran Duran: Orpheum Theatre, Memphis TN, USA.
16 Jul, 2008 Duran Duran: RomaRock Festival, Ippodromo delle Capannelle, Roma, Italy
16 Jul, 2008 The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is built and managed by the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, sends the names Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor and John Taylor to the moon.
16 Jul, 2009 Duran Duran: Edinburgh Castle Concert, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

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