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Three To Get Ready
Three to get ready edited
UK video cover
released 1987 / 1990
Recorded 1987
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 29 minutes / 75 minutes
Label BMG / Aurora Entertaiment
Director David Gasperik
Producer(s) Carolyn Brooks
David Gasperik
USA video cover
Duran-Duran-Three-To-Get-Ready usa
Duran Duran

Three To Get Ready is a Duran Duran documentary video directed by award winning filmmakers Carolyn Brooks and David Gasperik, originally released by BMG in 1987.

About the video Edit

This is a behind-the-scenes look at Duran Duran, filmed entirely in black & white during The Strange Behaviour Tour in 1987.

First shown at film festivals during 1987, the video features footage of Duran Duran travelling on the road, interviews and visits to American TV shows including Soul Train. There are also stage performances of "Notorious", "Save a Prayer" and "Skin Trade".

Originally Three To Get Ready was available in two versions in 1987, a 29 minute video released by BMG Video in the UK and a 75 minute unofficial version by the Fan Club in the USA. Later in 1990 an official 29 minute version was released in the USA by Aurora Entertainment.


Duran Duran are:


Credits Edit

  • Director - David Gasperik
  • Producer - Carolyn Brooks
  • Cinematography - David Gasperik
  • Editor - Alan Baumgarten
  • Sound Mixer - Tony Smyles

Versions Edit

  • UK - BMG Videos 790467 - VHS (29 mins) (1987)
  • USA - Aurora Entertainment 053414032136 - US NTSC (29 mins) (1990)
  • USA - Fan Club - US - US NTSC (75 mins) (1987)

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