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The Super Hits
Country Brazil Brazil
Catalogue no. AA10000
Label Editoria D+T Ltda
Format DVD
Length 10 tracks
Released 2003
Genre Pop
Producer various
reverse cover
Duran Duran

The Super Hits is an unofficial Duran Duran live DVD, released in Brazil by Editoria D+T Ltda during 2003.

About the DVDEdit

The DVD features live performances taken from the Working for the Skin Trade video, recorded in front of 100,000 people during The Strange Behaviour Tour. There are also additional recordings from the Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, USA and the San Diego Sports Arena, USA.

The band line-up included Stan Harrison and Curtis King Jr., who both previously performed on The Power Station album released in 1985.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Notorious"
  2. "Save A Prayer"
  3. "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  4. "Ordinary World"
  5. "Extraordinary World Interview"
  6. "New Religion"
  7. "Vertigo (Do the Demolition)"
  8. "Too Much Information"
  9. "Violence of Summer (Love's Taking Over)"
  10. "Serious"


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