Songs of Duran Duran UnDone
Songs of duran duran undone
tribute album
Country Australia Dbi flag australia
Catalogue no. CRCD001
Label EMI / Crucial Music Pty
Format CD
Length 13 tracks
Released 1999
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer(s) Rae Harvey
Peter Harvey
cover songs

The Songs of Duran Duran UnDone is a tribute album, released in Australia by EMI / Crucial Music Pty during 1999.

About the album Edit

This is a collection of Duran Duran songs performed by Australian artists, produced by Peter Mctighe and Rae Harvey (manager of the bands Living End and Bodyjar). Both producers also masterminded this tribute project, getting together some of Australia's top music acts.

Included is a stylish version of "Planet Earth" by The Mavis's, plus Kylie Minogue and Ben Lee combine together on a seamless performance of The Reflex".

The compilation also includes a 'rip roaring' recording of "Notorious" by Groove Terminator, a track by Simon Lewicki which features in the Extreme Ops movie.

Track listing Edit

CRCD001 Edit

  1. "Planet Earth" - The Mavis's (4:22)
  2. "The Chauffeur" - Powerfinger (3:57)
  3. "Rio" - Bodyjar (4:14)
  4. "The Reflex" - Kylie Minogue and Ben Lee (3:43)
  5. "Hungry Like The Wolf" - Jebediah (4:17)
  6. "Notorious" - Groove Terminator (4:52)
  7. "The Wild Boys" - Robyn Loau and Ronin System (3:52)
  8. "Come Undone" - Bachelor Girl (4:52)
  9. "Ordinary World" - Something For Kate (6:06)
  10. "Careless Memories" - Arena 7 (3:46)
  11. "Save a Prayer" - Pollyanna (5:10)
  12. "Girls on Film" - The Living End (3:35)
  13. "A View To A Kill" - Custard (6:39)

Credits Edit

  • Track 1 Producer Kaliu Tonuma
  • Track 3 Producer Bodyjar, Craig Rhodes
  • Track 4 Producer - Pete Min, Peter Nashel, Bass - Christian Bonger, Drums - Colin Brooks
  • Track 5 Producer - Mark Trombino
  • Track 6 Producer - GT, Bass - M.Gerber
  • Track 7 Guitar - Michael K, Percussion - Luke Mcavenna
  • Track 8 Producer - Bachelor Girl
  • Track 9 Producer - Matt Maddock
  • Track 10 Producer - Lindsay Gravina
  • Track 11 Producer - Matt Maddock, Pollyanna
  • Track 12 Producer - Davis Kahne
  • Track 13 Producer - David McCormack

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