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Night & Day
Night & day syn nick wood
compilation album
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. SYN-1011
Label SYN Songs
Format CD, promo
Length 10 tracks
Released 2007
Genre Pop, Lounge Music
Producer Nick Wood
album poster
The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo Presents Night & Day poster duran duran
featuring Simon Le Bon

The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo Presents Night & Day is a limited edition compilation album featuring Simon Le Bon, released in Japan by SYN Songs on 15 May 2007.

About the albumEdit

Featuring a collection of tracks by various artists produced by Nick Wood, the album was sold exclusively at the Ritz-Carton hotel in Tokyo.

The compilation includes "Save A Prayer", featuring Portuguese lyrics sung by Simon Le Bon and Brazilian artist Silvio Anastacio. This track was originally released on the Starbucks compilation From The Heart in 2002.

Dnessa performs a cover version of "Night & Day", a song written by Cole Porter for the 1932 musical play Gay Divorce. Silvio Anastacio and Dnessa have both performed at the hotel lounge.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Diamonds Are Forever" - Bobette Jamison-Harrison
  2. "Night Over Manaus" - Boozoo Bajou
  3. "After" - Dzihan and Kamien
  4. "I Don't Need" - Up On The Hill
  5. "Campuhan" - Lue Asia
  6. "Berimbau" - Os Carioscas
  7. "Save A Prayer" - Simon Le Bon and Silvio Anastacio
  8. "Unexpected Rain" - Bombay Dub Orchestra
  9. "Bird's Eye View" - Uman
  10. "Night & Day" - Dnessa


  • Track 1 arranged and mixed by Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk)
  • Tracks 1 & 7 produced by Nick Wood
  • Track 3 arranged and produced by Dzihan and Kamien
  • Track 4 produced by FC Nond
  • Track 10 arranged by Wata Igarashi
  • Artwork design by North of London

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