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The Notorious Demos
Demos-1986-notoriousz edited
demo album
Released unknown
Recorded 1985-88
Genre Pop
Length 11 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer Duran Duran
Duran Duran

The Notorious Demos is an unofficial Duran Duran 11-track CD album, featuring unreleased recordings.

About the albumEdit

The album is called The Notorious Demos but it actually contains Duran Duran demos from 1985 to 1988.

The compilation includes three versions of the 1985 single "A View To A Kill", with version 1 being the oldest and the majority of the songs lyrics are different from the final released version. The chorus lyrics are Jump Out Of The Fire instead of Dance Into The Fire and the music is very simple with no effects. The second version is the newest and is similar to the final release.

The track "Winter Marches On" does not include bass or guitar, only Simon Le Bon's voice and Nick Rhodes' keyboards are present. The demo of "Anything for You" is a ballad song in the style of David Bowie. "Vertigo" has completely different lyrics, but features the same medley line to the final version.

Some of the tracks included on the album also feature on Out Of Notorious.

Track listingEdit

  1. "A View To A Kill" (version 1)
  2. "A View To A Kill" (version 2)
  3. "A Matter Of Feeling"
  4. "A View To A Kill" (version 3)
  5. "Take it to Me"
  6. "Winter Marches On"
  7. "Anything for You"
  8. "American Science"
  9. "Vertigo"
  10. "Meet El Presidente"
  11. "Big Thing"


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