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This article covers only those aspects of the subject that are related to the career of Duran Duran.
A much more complete treatment can be seen in the The Needle and the Damage Done article at Wikipedia.
"The Needle and the Damage Done"
by Duran Duran
Song details
DuranDuran ThankYou albumcover from the album
Thank You
Length: mm:ss
Writer(s): Neil Young

"The Needle and the Damage Done" is a cover song recorded by Duran Duran during the sessions for the Thank You covers album, and appeared as a b-side to the "Perfect Day" single.

The song was originally written and recorded by Neil Young. It chronicles the story of Young's bandmate Danny Whitten, who descended into and eventual died from his heroin addiction. The song was first was recorded live, and appeared on record for the first time on the 1972 album Harvest'.


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