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The Making of Arena
Making of arena1
video by Duran Duran
Released 1985
Recorded 1983-84
Genre Pop
Length 50 minutes
Label PMI / Tri-Tec
Producer Paul Berrow / Phil Mcdonald
Making of arena
Laser Disc Cover

The Making of Arena is a Duran Duran video, released by PMI in 1985.

About the video Edit

The video takes an informative look at the behind the scenes work of the creative process involved in making the movie Arena ( An Absurd Notion) also released in 1985. This video was directed by Paul Berrow, co-manager of Duran Duran who was also co-producer the video with Phil McDonald.

The Making of Arena reveals how each member of Duran Duran contributed ideas and how after two years work and a one million pound budget, a sci-fi movie was created through the fusion of extraordinary sets, stunning costumes, original dance sequences and visual effects. The video helps to explain the director of Arena (An Absurd Notion) movie Russell Mulcahy's motto "if I can imagine it, then I can film it". It was released worldwide in 3 formats, VHS, NTSC and Laser Disc, with a later DVD version including both Arena ( An Absurd Notion) and The Making of Arena, plus bonus extras.

Track listing Edit

PMI MVP991117-2 Edit

  1. Introduction
  2. Concept And Windmills
  3. Costumes, Choreography And Make-up
  4. Hanging Around With Robots
  5. Milo And Stilts
  6. Blowing It All Up


Duran Duran are:

Movie plot Edit

Doctor Duran (actor Milo O'Shea) the evil character in the cult movie Barbarella returns to earth, crash landing his time machine directly underneath the giant stadium in Oakland, California. He is bent upon doing battle with the 5 imposters above him (the band Duran Duran) who have stolen his name. The evil doctor sends out his henchmen to destroy them as they perform to a packed stadium. Duran Duran continue to perform throughout, as much chaos ensues around them.

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