The Book of Words
Duran-Duran-The-Book-Of-Words a
Duran Duran book
Published March 1985
Publisher Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation
Genre Lyrics, pictures, information
Length 100-page
Size 9" x 12"
Label Omnibus
Author Marty Monroe
Editor(s) Kasper de Graaf
Malcolm Garrett
Duran Duran

The Book of Words is a Duran Duran 100-page book, written by Marty Monroe and published in the UK by Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation during March 1985.

About the bookEdit

The book was written by Marty Monroe, author of other music related books including Springsteen Back in the USA and Robert Plant. In The Book of Words Simon Le Bon reveals the songwriting secrets behind 19 Duran Duran songs, released on the band's first three albums. There is also background history about the songs, lyrics and a discography. Nick Rhodes talks about the making of the band's music videos, with pictures of video stills included.

New Sounds New Styles magazine co-founders Kasper de Graaf and Malcolm Garrett edited the book, who have individually worked on other Duran Duran projects including designs for the Rio album and the Duran Duran Unseen book.


Duran Duran are:

Book codesEdit

  • ISBN-10: 0881883220
  • ISBN-13: 978-0881883220

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