The Audio Injected Soul
The Audio Injected Soul Mnemic duran duran
album by Mnemic
Released 5 October 2004
Recorded May/June 2004
Genre Industrial Metal, Metalcore
Length 11 tracks
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Mnemic, Tue Madsen
reverse cover
The Audio Injected Soul Mnemic duran duran BACK
cover song

The Audio Injected Soul is the second album by Danish industrial metal band Mnemic, released by Nuclear Blast on 5 October 2004. The album features a cover version of Duran Duran's "The Wild Boys".

About the albumEdit

Recorded at The Antfarm Studios in Denmark, the album features all song lyrics written by band member Michael Bøgballe, except for the final track "The Wild Boys".

Tracks 1 & 2 contain 'AM3D' technology developed by Mnemic, which is positional headphone technology that improves the sound experience using special head sets.

Track listingEdit

NB 1310-2Edit

  1. "The Audio Injection" (0:43)
  2. "Dreamstate Emergency" (5:18)
  3. "Door 2.12" (4:22)
  4. "Illuminate" (5:03)
  5. "Deathbox" (4:31)
  6. "Sane Vs. Normal" (2:46)
  7. "Jack Vegas" (3:24)
  8. "Mindsaver" (4:12)
  9. "Overdose in the Hall of Fame" (5:16)
  10. "The Silver Drop" (4:52)
  11. "The Wild Boys" (4:59)


Mnemic are:

  • Michael Bøgballe - Vocals
  • Mircea Gabriel Eftemie - Guitar, keyboards
  • Rune Stigart - Guitar
  • Tomas Koefoed - Bass
  • Brian Rasmussen - Drums


  • Producer, mixed by, mastered by - Mnemic, Tue Madsen
  • Artwork by (cover, booklet design & artistic rendering) - Mircea at Effigy Design
  • Artwork by (Mnemic logo) - Client Nielsen
  • Artwork by (visual conceptualization) - Mnemic
  • Photography - Toke Hage

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