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Supergroups Duran Duran & Bryan Adams wikipedia radio show album
radio show album
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. SG 25
Label DIR-ABC Rock Radio Network
Format 3 x 12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
Length 3-LP
Recorded 1982-83
Released 1983
Genre Pop, Rock
Producer DIR-ABC Rock Radio Network
cue sheet & records
Rock radio sheet
SUPERGROUPS Duran Duran & Bryan Adams RADIO SHOW 3 LP SET July 16,1983 album wikipedia
SUPERGROUPS Duran Duran & Bryan Adams RADIO SHOW 3 LP SET July 16,1983 album wikipedia 1
featuring Duran Duran

Supergroups: Duran Duran & Bryan Adams is a triple 12" vinyl radio show album, released in the USA by DIR-ABC Rock Radio Network during 1983.

About the albumEdit

Housed in a box and issued with a cue sheets for radio presenters, the album was used for licence broadcast in the USA on 16 July 1983.

The album features 3-sides of live Duran Duran tracks and 3-sides by Canadian artist Bryan Adams.

The Duran Duran performances are from the MTV's New Years Eve Rock 'n' Roll Ball show, held at the Palladium in New York, NY, USA in 1982. This recording is sometimes mislabeled as a bootleg from the Savoy in New York on 8 August 1982. On that date Duran Duran were performing at Poplar Creek in Chicago, IL, USA as a support act for Blondie's Tracks Across America Tour.

The Bryan Adams tracks were recorded at the Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee during April 1983.

Track listingEdit

SG 25Edit

Duran Duran:

  1. "Rio"
  2. "Hold Back the Rain"
  3. "New Religion"
  4. "Save A Prayer"
  5. "Hungry Like The Wolf"
  6. "Planet Earth"
  7. "Careless Memories"
  8. "Girls on Film"

Bryan Adams:

  1. "I'm Ready"
  2. "You Want It You Got It"
  3. "Win Some Lose Some"
  4. "Tonight"
  5. "This Time"
  6. "Cuts Like A Knife"
  7. "The Only One"
  8. "Fits Ya Good"
  9. "One Good Reason"
  10. "Take Me Back"
  11. "Coming Home"
  12. "Hiding From Love"
  13. "Lonely Nights"


Duran Duran are:

Bryan Adams band are:

  • Bryan Adams - vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Keith Scott - lead guitar
  • Mickey Curry - drums
  • Dave Taylor - bass
  • Tommy Mandel - keyboards
  • Pat Steward - drums

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