Sound of New Wave
Sound Of New Wave duran duran
compilation album
Country Australia Dbi flag australia
Catalogue no. 74321618982
Label BMG Australia
Format CD
Length 20 tracks
Released 1999
Genre Pop, Electronic
Compilation Producer(s) Rebecca King
Steve Scanes
reverse cover
Sound Of New Wave duran duran 1
featuring Duran Duran

Sound of New Wave is a compilation album featuring Duran Duran, released in Australia by BMG during 1999.

About the albumEdit

The album is a collection of songs by various artists. All the tracks are in the style of New Wave, which emerged in the mid to late 1970s alongside punk rock that incorporated aspects of electronic and experimental music.

The compilation includes Duran Duran's "Is There Something I Should Know?", a single that reached no.4 on the Australian Charts.

Blondie features on the album, a band that recorded the TV Mania produced "Studio 54" and also included Duran Duran as an opening act on their Tracks Across America Tour in 1982.

Sound of New Wave also includes ABC featuring drummer David Palmer, who performed on Andy Taylor's Dangerous album and appeared in Duran Duran's "I Don't Want Your Love" music video. Billy Idol was a guest vocalist at Neurotic Outsiders' Hollywood's Burning show in 1995.

Track listingEdit


  1. "Heart of Glass" - Blondie (3:51)
  2. "Just What I Needed - The Cars (3:43)
  3. "Life In Tokyo" - Japan (3:30)
  4. "What I Like About You" - The Romantics (2:55)
  5. "In The Name of Love" - The Thompson Twins (3:49)
  6. "Guilty" - Classix Nouveaux (2:53
  7. "Japanese Boy" - Aneka (3:54)
  8. "Tainted Love" - Soft Cell (3:35)
  9. "No. 3" - The Reels (2:41)
  10. "Einstein A Go-Go" - Landscape (2:59)
  11. "Favourite Shirts" (Boy Meets Girl) - Haircut One Hundred (3:02)
  12. "The Look of Love" - ABC (3:29)
  13. "White Wedding" - Billy Idol (3:32)
  14. "She Blinded Me With Science" - Thomas Dolby (3:41)
  15. "That's The Way" - Deckchairs Overboard (2:27)
  16. "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" - Eurythmics (4:52)
  17. "Is There Something I Should Know?" - Duran Duran (4:09)
  18. "Feel Me" - Blancmange (5:05)
  19. "Ballet Dancer" - The Twins (3:10)
  20. "Mexican Radio" - Wall of Voodoo (3:56)


  • Compilation Producer - Rebecca King, Steve Scanes
  • Compiled by Steve Scanes
  • Design, Artwork by - Rockin' Doodles Pty Ltd
  • Mastered by Bruce Sheldrick

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