Something You Should Know
Something you should know duran duran dvd
documentary DVD
Released 2008
Directed by M.Douglas Silverstein
Genre Documentary
Length 76 minutes
Label Extrovert Entertainment / Fans On Film LLC
Producer(s) M.Douglas Silverstein
Dan Halperin
Duran Duran

Something You Should Know: The Duran Duran Fan Documentary is a limited edition Duran Duran 76-minute DVD (all regions), directed by M.Douglas Silverstein and released in 2008.

About the DVDEdit

The DVD is an independent film that has been shot around the globe since May 2003, which features live footage interwoven throughout with fan and celebrity interviews including Moby, Dido and Scissor Sisters. There is exclusive performances by the Barenaked Ladies singing "Rio" in an empty arena, Daniel Cartier singing "Save A Prayer" in the New York City Subway and Duran Duran playing in Times Square.

Something You Should Know is a glimpse of Duran Duran's influence, the fans' behavior, and explains the band's relevance during the last 30 years. The film follows several individual fans as they celebrate the return of the original line-up.

Throughout the film we are introduced to fans such as 'Durandy', an extraordinary memorabilia archivist and collector whose collection can be seen at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Also 'Vader Vader', who may have the largest Duran T-shirt collection in the world.




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