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Shut Up
Living in fear power station
song by The Power Station
Released 1997
Recorded Timeline:1996
Genre Jazz, funk
Length 4:12 minutes
Label Chrysalis / Capitol Records
Producer Bernard Edwards
The Power Station

"Shut Up" is a song by The Power Station, released on the Living In Fear album by Chrysalis / Capitol Records in 1997.

About the songEdit

The song was written by the four original members of The Power Station. John Taylor didn't perform on the track, as he was undergoing a divorce at the time and pulled out before the album was released. Bernard Edwards played bass.

The track is an up-tempo jazz/funk song, which showcases Robert Palmer's vocal ranges.


The Power Station are:



Get 'em off me, get 'em off me

Get their hands and their legs from above me
When you want it and you need it
But you can't seem to quite understand it

Get 'em off me, get 'em off me

Take their legs and their elbows from around me
Schizophrenia don't mean that you're living -
In the world not a dream

I said shut up, you're not incurably ill
You got the motivation, you got the pill
Don't mess it up, I go down on my knees
Don't blow it big time babe, I'm begging you please

I said shut up

I said shut up
What you complaining about?
You got the tonic money, you got the truth

Don't mess it up
Let's stick together on this
We got everything and more, so baby -
Why should we quit?

I said shut up

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