Shinzou Sound
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Group specialising in Manga, music, web design, popular culture
Related members Simon Le Bon
Nick Wood
Projects Synethesia
Artists / Musicians

Shinzou Sound is a group of artists and musicians, that includes Simon Le Bon as a member.

About Shinzou Sound Edit

Shinzou Sound is a group of creative collaborators specialising in manga, music, web design, and popular culture. They joined forces with the simple concept of merging their talents in an effort to deliver the new entertainment of music and manga in an innovative way.

In late 2006, Simon Le Bon became a member of Shinzou Sound group and took part in the Japan-based online manga project Synethesia by co-writing the theme song "Nobody Knows" along with Nick Wood. Project members include leader Nick Wood, Simon Le Bon, Tatsuya Oe, DJ Sugiurumn, Alex Paterson, manga artist Enka Sugihara and web designer Hideki Owa, with more names being added as each new episode of Synethesia is released.

Synesthesia has three main characters: Shinzou (main character), his sister Tamako, and DJ Karita (who they met when they accidentally swapped iPods on the train). These 3 individuals form a band and begin a journey of musical inspiration. The story is split into 10 episodes with one new episode released every 2 weeks. Each new episode comes with an original new song, which can be down loaded free, from iTunes. Users can also download Podcasts showing behind the scenes, interviews and more. Shinzou sounds are also planning a live event to merge the manga storyline with an actual live event. They plan to invite artist who've contributed to the project to participate in bringing Shinzou's world to the stage.

Shinzou sounds plan to publish a physical manga book of the Synesthesia series along with a full-length digital album featuring the entire soundtrack.