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She Can Rock It
She can rock it power station edited
single by The Power Station
Released 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Pop, Rock
Length 3:57
Label Chrysalis Records
Producer Bernard Edwards
reverse cover 
She can rock it back
The Power Station

"She Can Rock It" is a song by The Power Station, released as their only single from their 1997 album Living In Fear by Chrysalis Records.

About the single Edit

The song was produced by Bernard Edwards and is the band's fourth and final single. The CD single features "Power Trippin'" as its B-side, which is a rock-funk song written by the band for the U.S. version of the Living In Fear album. The single also includes the track "Charanga" written by Robert Palmer, which later features on his compilation album Woke Up Laughing released in 1998.

While promoting the single, the band was asked to change a tongue-in-cheek rude line in the song on an American talk show, but they refused and the song was never played on the show. The Power Station also recorded a live performance for British TV music show Top of the Pops, when the single was peaking at number 63 on the UK Singles Chart.

Track listing Edit

CDCHS 5039 Edit

  1. "She Can Rock It" (3:57)
  2. "Power Trippin'" (3:03)
  3. "She Can Rock It" - Full Album Version (4:16)
  4. "Charanga" (5:51)

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