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90a seven and the ragged tiger EMI · UK · promo album wikipedia90a seven and the ragged tiger EMI · UK · promo album wikipedia 1
album by Duran Duran
Country UK Union-jack2
Catalogue no. none
Label EMI
Format CD
Length 9 tracks
Released 2003
Genre Pop
Producer(s) Alex Sadkin
Duran Duran
Ian Little
Duran Duran

Seven and the Ragged Tiger - UK (promo) is a promotional-only Duran Duran CD album, released in the UK by EMI during 2003.

Track listingEdit

No cat. #Edit

  1. "The Reflex"
  2. "New Moon on Monday"
  3. "(I'm Looking For) Cracks in the Pavement"
  4. "I Take the Dice"
  5. "Of Crime and Passion"
  6. "Union of the Snake"
  7. "Shadows on Your Side"
  8. "Tiger Tiger"
  9. "The Seventh Stranger"


Duran Duran are:




  • Promo acetate in clear plastic sleeve for the 2003 remastered edition.
<< Seven and the Ragged Tiger - UK: CDP 7 46015 2 Seven and the Ragged Tiger (Siete y el Tigre Harapiento) - Uruguay: SLPE 501 510 >>

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