SYN Songs Sampler
Syn sampler 1 edited
compilation album
Country Japan Japan flag
Catalogue no. SYN HGCD243
Label SYN Productions
Format 2-CD
Length 21 tracks
Released 1998
Genre Pop
Producer Nick Wood
reverse cover
Syn sampler edited
featuring Simon Le Bon

SYN Songs Sampler is a compilation album featuring Simon Le Bon, released in Japan by SYN Productions during 1998.

About the album Edit

The album is a collection of recordings by various artists, produced by Nick Wood for his and Simon Le Bon's co-owned SYN Productions.

The compilation features four tracks performed by Simon Le Bon, including a cover version of The Who's "Magic Bus". Track 11 "Magic Bus" is actually 6:41 minutes long, which includes 0:30 of silence followed by a hidden unlisted Duran Duran recording of "Electric Barbarella" A Cappella (2:15).

The second CD actually contains 25 recordings, because track 10 comprises of individual pieces of music from the soundtrack to Dream Island. No titles are listed for this track.

The album was released in a clear double DVD clamshell case, with a clear printed title insert.

Track listing Edit

SYN HGCD243 Edit

CD 1Edit

  1. "The Sun Always Shines" - Maxi Priest (4:42)
  2. "Do You Love Me" - Angela McClusky (3:45)
  3. "Already Gone" - Simon Le Bon (3:12)
  4. "Grey Lady Of The Sea" - Simon Le Bon / Nick Wood (4:00)
  5. "Hello My Friend" - Dr. John (4:05)
  6. "You Make My Day" - Dr. John (4:54)
  7. "Once Again It's Summer Time" - Maxi Priest (2:54)
  8. "Children Of The World" - Julian Lennon / Nick Wood (5:39)
  9. "Cupid's A Hitman" - Ida Neple / Nick Wood (4:01)
  10. "Dreamboy" - Simon Le Bon (3:32)
  11. "Magic Bus" - Simon Le Bon (3:56)

CD 2 (Nick Wood film music)Edit

  1. "The Food" (demo 1) - Nick Wood (4:06)
  2. The Opening Theme To "Coo" - Nick Wood (2:03)
  3. "The Chase" - Nick Wood (2:11)
  4. "Mother" - Nick Wood (2:15)
  5. "Storm Of Pain" - Nick Wood (2:06)
  6. "Sunset" - Nick Wood (1:25)
  7. "The Food" - Nick Wood (2:43)
  8. "Best Friends" - Nick Wood (2:07)
  9. "Crystal Water" End Titles - Nick Wood (2:31)
  10. The Soundtrack To Dream Island - Nick Wood (57:31)

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