Rose Arcana
Arcadia 2 edited
instrumental by Arcadia
Released 1985 (Album)
1986 (Single)
Recorded 1985
Genre New wave, synthpop
Length 0:51 (Album Version)
5:37 (Extended Single)
Label EMI, Parlophone
Writer(s) Rhodes, Le Bon
Producer(s) Alex Sadkin

"Rose Arcana" is an instrumental by Arcadia, released as the B-side to their third single "The Promise" from the album So Red the Rose by EMI-Parlophone in 1986.

About the instrumental Edit

Composed by Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes, the instrumental was co-production by Alex Sadkin who also produced Duran Duran's Seven and the Ragged Tiger album.

"Rose Arcana" is a 0:51 seconds recording on the So Red the Rose album. The instrumental is an extended version of 5:37 minutes on the B-side to Arcadia's third single "The Promise". It's believed the 0:51 seconds on the album was down to time constraints.

Track listingsEdit

7": Parlophone / NSR 2 (UK)

  1. "The Promise" (7" Mix) - 4:45
  2. "Rose Arcana" (Extended) - 5:37

12": Parlophone / 12 NSR 2 (UK)

  1. "The Promise" (Extended Remix) - 7:06
  2. "Rose Arcana" (Extended) - 5:37
  3. "The Promise" (7" Mix) - 4:45

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