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RCM: US Press Pack
Duran duran Red Carpet Massacre USA
Duran Duran information
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Released 2007
Genre Information
Length 46-pages
Label Epic Records
Producer Epic Records
press release
Duran duran Red Carpet Massacre USA a
Duran Duran

Red Carpet Massacre: US Press Pack is a promotional-only Duran Duran item, released in the USA by Epic Records during 2007.

About the press packEdit

The press pack was issued to the media in the USA to promote Red Carpet Massacre, Duran Duran's twelfth studio album.

The item included a 2-page press release, 8-pages of Red Carpet Massacre album details and a 14-page chronology. There was also a 3-page discography and 19-pages of colour copied media articles. All the pages were housed in an A4 glossy embossed 'Epic' logo folder.

The 2-page press release mentions the Duran Duran on Broadway shows, with Simon Le Bon remarking "We have made an album that we are all really proud of and we wanted to present it in a very unique way. Staging a run on Broadway is something that we've talked about - but never seemed right until now."


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