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Founder Cyndi Glass
Commencement date 1993
Warren Cuccurullo

Privacy is Warren Cuccurullo's fan club and official website.

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

Warren Cuccurullo came into Duran Duran at a huge disadvantage, replacing Andy Taylor who was one of the original band members and beloved by it's former teenage fan base. He endured years of being ignored by many of the fans, which continued even when he was made an official band member and when he helped hold Duran Duran together. But 1993 brought the beginning of Privacy: The Warren Currurullo Fan Club, along with a regular published fanzine about him. On the 1993-94 tour, Warren made a lot of headway among Duran Duran fans by being accessible and friendly and membership took off. In late 1998 the fan club fanzine was discontinued and replaced by the Privacy website, consisting of information and photos.

Website Edit

Once Warren left Duran Duran, one of his first projects was to take over the fan-run website, buying a server for it and transitioning it into something commercial, high-tech and much more interactive. The new Privacy website is run by Warren and two fans, offering all the information someone could possibly want, plus mp3 and video downloads, online chats, a message board, a shop and most of all Warren's uncensored self-expression and fan interaction. Privacy was originally started by Cyndi Glass and is now his fan liaison and co-administrator of Privacy: The Official Site Of Warren Cuccurullo.

Name Edit

The name for the fan club originated from the Privacy Studio  in Battersea, South London (UK), where Duran Duran recorded several albums. The studio is a house originally owned by Simon Le Bon, but was sold to Warren Cuccurullo when he moved to London after joining the band in 1989. Cuccurullo set up an intricate home studio for his own use, and the band began using it to record demos with the help of Mark Tinley. It became apparent that the sound quality was equal to anything the band could achieve in a more traditional studio setting.

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