Power Trippin'
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song by The Power Station
Released 30 September 1996
Recorded 1996
Genre Rock
Length 3:03 minutes
Label Chrysalis, Capitol, Guardian Records
Writer(s) Palmer, Taylor, Taylor, Thompson
Producer Bernard Edwards
The Power Station

"Power Trippin'" is a song by The Power Station, released as the B-side to their fourth single "She Can Rock It" from the album Living In Fear by Chrysalis-Capitol-Guardian Records on 30 September 1996.

About the songEdit

The song was included only on the US version of Living In Fear and as a bonus track on the Japanese edition.

The song was written in the pre-recording stage of Living In Fear, with the same lineup as for their previous album in 1985 (Robert Palmer, Andy Taylor, John Taylor and Tony Thompson). However, John Taylor was going through a divorce at the time, as well as entering drug rehab, and pulled out before the song was recorded. Instead Bernard Edwards, the producer, played bass guitar and took over as the group's official fourth member.

"Power Trippin'" is an up-tempo rock song, featuring powerful guitar chords performed by Andy Taylor.

Track listing Edit

CD: Chrysalis TOCP-40002 (Japan)

  1. "She Can Rock It" - 3:57)
  2. "Power Trippin'" - 3:03
  3. "She Can Rock It" (Full Album Version) - 4:16
  4. "Charanga" - 5:51

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The Power Station are:


Don't wanna push you around
You know I think that you're boss
Let's work out some middle ground
Say heads or tails and then toss

Power trippin' - taking turns
The things you want to teach you need to learn
Power trippin' - it's your go
I'll share the drive-in with you - quid pro quo
You know which buttons to push

I like being under your thumb
Better to squeeze than to crush
I love it when you succumb
Power trippin' - switching roles

I know you like it when I lose control
Power trippin' - swapping sides
Let's just relax, kick back enjoy the ride

Long as we're set up in the partnership
We take our turns being on a power trip
Don't care which one of us is running the show
Long as it's R&B and rock&roll

I know you're such a power house
No need for such a display
I can't visit your dog house
It's too far out of my way

Power trippin' - takin' turns
The things you want to teach you need to learn
Power trippin' - it's your go
I'll share the drive-in with you - quid pro quo

You call the shots and I'll call the tune
I'll crack the whip and you rule the room
I'll wear the pants and you pull the strings
Don't waste your energy on foolish things

The ace I'm holding is meant for you
I couldn't pull a power trip on you
As long as one of us is in control
Turn up the power and let's rock and roll

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