Playing In Tongues
Playing in tongues
album by Doubleyousee
Released 2009
Recorded 2005-09
Genre Indie Rock
Length 18 tracks

Edel Records

Zappa Records

Producer(s) Doubleyousee aka Warren Cuccurullo
track 6 by Doubleyousee and Simone Sello
Warren Cuccurullo

Playing In Tongues (Holographic Jesus And The Clee Alien Attack) is an album by Doubleyousee aka Warren Cuccurullo, released by Edel Records in March 2009 (Europe) and Zappa Records in June 2009 (USA).

About the albumEdit

The album was performed by Warren Cuccurullo and the Imagineorkestra, a group of musicians which included Terry Bozzio. There are also guest artists such as Neil Carlill, who collaborated with Cuccurullo of the 2010 Chicanery project.

Included on the album is "Sid Arthur's Message", a track written by Cuccurullo and Nick Rhodes. Playing In Tongues also features the world premiere of a Frank Zappa composition called "Wreckelection", released almost 16 years after he died on 4 December 1993.

Track listingEdit

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  1. "The Definitive Magical Miss Tickle Backwards Alphabet Song" (0:29) (W.Cuccurullo)
  2. "For The Masses I, II, III" (9:52) (W.Cuccurullo, G.Patane, T.Bozzio, N.Carlil)
  3. "Wreckelection" (5:55) (Frank Zappa)
  4. "Meem" (0:29) (W.Cuccurullo, S.Blessing)
  5. "Think Kartoonz" (6:16) (W.Cuccurullo)
  6. "Zoomout" (8:28) (W.Cuccurullo)
  7. "Raging Bullshit" (4:32) (W.Cuccurullo)
  8. "Sid Arthur's Message" (6:06) (W.Cuccurullo, Nick Rhodes)
  9. "Intermission Possible" (1:18) (W.Cuccurullo, Imagineorkestra)
  10. "(part 1) Imagineorkestra Rehearsal Absolutely Free Form" (2:26) (W.Cuccurullo, Imagineorkestra)
  11. "(part 2) Smile" (2:01) (W.Cuccurullo, Imagineorkestra)
  12. "(part 3) They're Mintee" (2:57) (W.Cuccurullo, Imagineorkestra)
  13. "(part 1) Evreedaze Halloween Bash From Imaginon - Hello Spooky" (4:51) (W.Cuccurullo, Imagineorkestra)
  14. "(part 2) Holographic Jesus And The Cee Gee Alien Attack" (6:35) (W.Cuccurullo, Imagineorkestra)
  15. "Prophomation Confirmed" (0:48) (W.Cuccurullo)
  16. "Weedew" (2:12) (W.Cuccurullo, Imagineorkestra)
  17. "Simple Man" (5:44) (W.Cuccurullo, C.White, G.Patane)
  18. "We're All Targets" (6:39) (W.Cuccurullo)


  • Warren Cuccurullo - Lead guitar, lead vox


  • Terry Bozzio - Drums
  • Alex Alessandroni - Piano, wurlitzer, clavinet
  • Simone Sello - Rhythm & slide guitar
  • Ben Wendell - Soprano & tenor sax
  • Doug Lunn - Bass
  • Bizarre Patane - Bass


  • Neil Carlill - Vocals
  • Christopher White - Vocals
  • Al Malkin as Sid Arthur & Dr.Seemaw feelmaw
  • Dale Bozzio as Miss Tickle
  • Ellen Cuccurullo as Ma On Telephone
  • Peter Wolf - Synths ("Simple Man")
  • Pino Palladino - Bass ("Sid Arthur's Message")
  • Andreas Brobjer - Drums ("Raging Bullshit")


  • All tracks produced by DoubleYouSee aka Warren Cuccurullo except "Zoomout"produced by DoubleYouSee & Simone Sello
  • Mixed by DoubleYouSee & Simone Sello
  • Engineered by Patrick McDougal, Jimmy Chamberlain, Matt Lancaster Searle & Andy
  • Programming by WC & Simone Sello
  • Mastered by Marcussen Mastering
  • Art DIrection and Graphic Design by Melle Belle Dot Com
  • "Wreckelection" is a world premiere Frank Zappa composition, arranged by WC

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