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Perry Haines
Background information
Born UK
Occupation Fashion designer, club promoter, band manager, magazine editor
Associated acts King
Duran Duran
New Romantic founder

Perry Haines was a British fashion designer, band manager and magazine editor, whose work has included directing Duran Duran's "Careless Memories" music video.

Biography Edit

Perry graduated from St. Martins Fashion College, in London (UK) and became an influential face on London's hipsters circuit. In 1980 he co-founded the fashion magazine i-D with Terry Jones, and coined the term 'New Romantic' to describe his fellow socialites. Along with Blitz doorman Steve Strange (singer with Visage) he collected his own social register of contacts to help fill his own i-D club night at Gossips.

In 1980 Duran Duran's management of Paul and Michael Berrow turned to Perry for assistance in styling the band's image and even trusted him with the budget for his directorial debut on the video of "Careless Memories". He also contributed photography to the inner sleeve of band's debut Duran Duran album.

In the early 1980s Perry was also the manager of the 1980s band King, who originated from Coventry (UK) and had single chart success in 1984 with the singles "Love And Pride", "Soul on My Boots" and "Won't You Hold My Hand Now".

Multi tasking as magazine editor, club promotor and fashion stylist, Perry also released two singles for Fetish Records before deciding his career might not be in front of the microphone. Having witnessed the meteoric rise of associates Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet and Visage, Perry concluded that his talents could be best utilized in band management.

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