Dance Nights Itinerary Book
World Trade Centre in Istanbul, Turkey duran duran wikipedia
information pack
Country Turkey Flag of Turkey
Released 1994 (issued to tour crew)
Genre Tour dates, cities, information
Size A5
Length unknown
Producer Ahmet San Productions
Duran Duran

Pepsi Dance Nights with Duran Duran: Itinerary Book is a Duran Duran tour item, produced by Ahmet San Productions in 1994.

About the item Edit

The book was produced for Duran Duran performance at the World Trade Centre in Istanbul, Turkey on 11 February 1994. Broadcast live on Turkish TV, the show was part of The Dilate Your Mind Tour.

The itinerary is spiral-bound A5 size, featuring information about local amenities, the venue, crew and position list, record company contacts, and hotel information.

The item was only issued to the band & tour crew, and could not be purchased in anyway.


Duran Duran are:


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