Open Cam
Background information
Directed by Robert Gaston
Produced by Robert Gaston
Farrel Lever
Starring Andreau Thomas
Amir Darvish
Ben Green
Written by Robert Gaston
Released 2005
Genre Comedy, drama, thriller
Original music by Houston Bernard
Warren Cuccurullo
George Draguns
Jerry Walterick
Cinematography by Doug Gritzmacher
Running time 100 minutes
Warren Cuccurullo / Nick Rhodes related

Open Cam is a 2005 comedy drama film starring Andreau Thomas, Amir Darvish and Ben Green, directed by Robert Gaston.

The film features music by Warren Cuccurullo.

About the filmEdit

The plot of the film involves a Washington DC based gay sex website becoming home for a serial killer with a flair for exhibitionism.

The life of controversial young artist Manny Yates is shattered when murder penetrates his close knit circle of friends causing him to question those friendships, life in general, and all the relationships around him.

The soundtrack features two tracks performed by Warren Cuccurullo. These include "Big Stress", a track co-written by Nick Rhodes which was later released on Cuccurullo's N'Liten Up album in 2015.


  • Andreau Thomas - Manny Yates
  • Amir Darvish - Hamiltonthe
  • Ben Green - Maurice
  • Matt Cannon - Conrad (as J. Matthew Miller)
  • Christian Jones - Chris
  • Reiner Prochaska - Pierce
  • John Geoffrion - Bill
  • Ryan Thrasher - Trevor
  • Vincent Bradberry - John
  • Josh Limbaugh - Log Cabin Republican
  • Cecil E. Baldwin - Felix
  • Steven Faurak - Larry
  • Farrel Lever - Bobby Gunn
  • Wesley Anthony Della Volla - Adam
  • Jesse Davidson - Fighting Thug


1 "Big Stress"

2 "The Infinite Spirit"

3 "Bent Spitting"

  • Written and Performed by QBoy (AKA Marcos Brito)

4 "Quarter Life Crisis"

  • Written and Performed by Q Boy (AKA Marcos Brito) and Wayne Latham

5 "Oh Boy Relax"

  • Written and Performed by Houston Bernard

6 "Ride It Cowboy"

  • Written and Performed by Houston Bernard

7 "Fade Away" (Electro Junkie Music Mix)

  • Written and Performed by Dave Montana

8 "Upside Down"

  • Written and Performed by Gregory Douglass

9 "Love Comes Back"

  • Written by John McNeill
  • Performed by the bootLICKERs

10 "Leaving"

  • Written by Keyth Lawrence
  • Performed by Keyth Lawrence and the Purple Circle

11 "Say Goodbye" (Kaz Gamble remix)

  • Written and Performed by Houston Bernard
  • Featuring Raistalla