One Night Only
Duran one night only duran duran
unofficial live album
Venue ITV Studios, London
UK Union-jack2
Recorded 12 March 2011
Released 2011
Design Romanduran
Format CDr
Length 12 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
reverse cover
1 duran duran Recorded live at ITV Studios, London, UK, March 12th, 2011. bootleg
One night only duran duran
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Itv studios london wikipedia duran duran one night only tv show

One Night Only is an unofficial Duran Duran live album, featuring a recording of the British One Night Only show aired at 8:30pm on 20 March 2011.

About the albumEdit

The album features all the songs performed by Duran Duran on One Night Only, an ITV1 music entertainment show.

The show was recorded at studios in London on 12 March, with an audience of several hundred people. All the songs on the bootleg were performed with a string quartet, that included Martha Riley on violin.

Also featured are history recordings, that consist of interviews with the four remaining original members of Duran Duran. These recordings were originally broadcast between the songs on the show. Tracks include Roger Taylor speaking from Villa Park in Birmingham, the venue of Duran Duran's MENCAP Concert in 1983.

Track listingEdit

  1. "A View to a Kill"
  2. "Notorious"
  3. "The Reflex"
  4. "Ordinary World"
  5. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
  6. "All You Need Is Now"
  7. "Leave A Light On"
  8. "Rio"
  9. History (Part 1)
  10. History (Part 2)
  11. History (Part 3)
  12. History (Part 4)


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  • Sounded edited and cover sleeve by Romanduran, 2011.
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