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Notorious - Australia: EMI 1881 (promo)

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Notorious: EMI 1881
192 NOTORIOUS SONG AUSTRALIA EMI 1881 PROMO DURAN DURAN DISCOGRAPHY DISCOGS WIKIPEDIA191 notorious song duran duran discography discogs wiki australia EMI 1881 single 1
single by Duran Duran
Country Australia Dbi flag australia
Catalogue no. EMI 1881
Label EMI, EMI Records Australia
Format 7" vinyl (45 RPM)
Length 2 tracks
Released 1986
Genre Pop
Producer(s) Nile Rodgers
Duran Duran
record labels
Emi 1881 notorious australia promo duran duran wikipedia 2Emi 1881 notorious australia promo duran duran wikipedia 3
Duran Duran

"Notorious" - Australia: EMI 1881 (promo) is a Duran Duran promotional-only 7" vinyl single, released in Australia by EMI / EMI Records Australia during 1986.

Track listingEdit

EMI 1881Edit

Side AEdit

  1. "Notorious" (3:58)

Side BEdit

  1. "Winter Marches On" (3:25)


Duran Duran are:




  • Promo stamped labels, picture sleeve.
  • Engineered and mixed in the summer of love 1986.
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