Nobody Knows
Nobody knows 1
song by Simon Le Bon & Nick Wood
Released 2006
Recorded 2006
Genre Pop
Length 3:48
Label SYN Productions
Producer Nick Wood
Simon Le Bon & Nick Wood - Nobody Knows

Simon Le Bon & Nick Wood - Nobody Knows

Simon Le Bon

"Nobody Knows" is a song by Simon Le Bon and Nick Wood, released by SYN Productions in 2006.

About the song Edit

Written by Simon Le Bon and Nick Wood, the song was created over a long distance with Le Bon recording the vocals at the Sphere Studios, London (UK) in the studio known as the Duran Duran room. The data was then sent to Tokyo (Japan) where Nick Wood added drums, bass, piano and guitar. He then mixed the song and released the track within two weeks through i-Tunes in Japan. There was no official CD release, which would normally have taken two months to produce.

The recording is also available on the promotional only album Songs & Scores and the unofficial Simon Le Bon Story.

Shinzou SoundEdit

"Nobody Knows" was made for the Japan-based online manga animated show called 'Synesthesia', which is produced by the Shinzou Sound group. The group are creative collaborators specializing in manga, music, web design, and popular culture. They joined forces with the simple concept of merging their talents in an effort to deliver the new entertainment of music and manga in an innovative way. Exclusive songs, inspired by the manga story were commissioned from international and Japanese DJs, and the story was launched in fortnightly episodes on the Net, with the individual songs available free through iTunes Japan.

Comments from Simon Le BonEdit

Simon Le Bon spoke about the track during a short video made whilst recording the song, which is available on YouTube and the unofficial The Making of Nobody Knows. He commented that the song is about depression and how it can creep up on people. The illness closes down people's minds and nobody knows how long it will last for. In some cases music can be the antidote.

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