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Nice Remixes
Duran duran nice remixes
unofficial single by Duran Duran
Country Belgium Belgium-flag
Catalogue no. CD-DDNICE001
Label Unknown Label
Format CDr
Length 4 tracks
Released 2006
Genre Pop, Dance
Producer(s) Duran Duran
Don Gilmore
Duran Duran

Nice Remixes is an unofficial Duran Duran single released in Belgium during 2006.

About the singleEdit

The album is a collection of remixes and recordings "Nice", Duran Duran's thirty-fourth single released in 2006.

The compilation includes a mix by Eric Prydz, a Swedish DJ who also created a dance version of "(Reach Up For the) Sunrise".

Track listingEdit


  1. "Nice" (Eric Prydz's Main Mix)
  2. "Nice" (Eric Prydz's Radio Mix)
  3. "Nice" (Pablo La Rosa's Naughty & Nice Mix)
  4. "Nice" (Johnson Somerset's Atomic Ice Remix)


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