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Single by Duran Duran
from the album Astronaut
B-side(s) "Nice (Remix)"
Released 2005, 2006
Format Download
Recorded Sphere Studios, London
Genre Dance, New Wave
Length 4:04
Label Sony BMG
Writer(s) Duran Duran
Producer(s) Duran Duran with Don Gilmore
Duran Duran singles chronology
"What Happens Tomorrow"
"Falling Down"

"Nice" is the 34th single by British pop band Duran Duran. Released in 2005 to radio in Europe and as download only in August 2006, it was the third single to from the group's Astronaut album.

About the songEdit

The infectious pop song was one of the first that the band wrote after its reunion in 2001, but a final version was not recorded until 2004 with producer Don Gilmore at Sphere Studios in London.

David Medsker of PopMatters said:[1]

If there is a single moment where things fall seamlessly into place on Astronaut,it is "Nice", a magnificent melding of Andy's power chords, Nick's wall of synths, and John's octave-jumping disco bass that recalls the best moments of Rio all rolled into one. It's not particularly complex, but neither was "Hold Back the Rain", a fan favorite to this day. "Nice" is simple in all the right ways and, like all good pop songs, it knows when to quit, with a cold ending at a mere three minutes and 27 seconds. The label is nuts if they don't release this as the second single.

The song, even more energetic live than on recording, was a crowd-pleaser among new and old fans at the band's live shows in 2004 and 2005.


Take the beautiful sting of a Scorpio
A careless smile and it begins to snow
And it hurts me to think
That you might never know
That I've got this thing about you

In case you don't understand
There's something else I meant to tell you

There is nothing better
Than being with you
And I'm feeling so nice
There is nowhere better
Than here with you
And it's feeling so nice

Staying up with the moon
And walking home in the rain
Mixed with your perfume
And never twice the same
I got a lot to lose
But everything to gain
When I really think about it

You haven't got a clue
It's all that I can do to hide it

There is nothing better
Than being with you
And I'm feeling so nice
There is nowhere better
Than here with you
And it's feeling so nice

Did I already say
'Cause you make me forget
I might as well be brave and tell 'ya

And it hurts me to think that
You might never know
Will it hurt as much being true?
I might as well be brave and tell 'ya

Yeah I'm feeling
And it's feeling so nice

Music videoEdit

Gary Oldknow, who created most of the videos for The Devils and on-stage visuals for Duran Duran's concerts since 1998, was commissioned to make a music video for "Nice". As the track was relegated to radio play and download only, with no marketing push, the video got cancelled before it was completed.

B-sides, bonus tracks and remixesEdit

There were no b-sides made for "Nice", but there were a myriad of remixes available via download on iTunes Store. These consist of a single mix and radio mixes by Eric Prydz, plus other by Pablo La Rosa, Mike Greig, Dready and Johnson Somerset.

Track listingEdit

Download Edit

  1. "Nice (Eric Prydz Mix)" (3:28)
  2. "Nice (Eric Prydz Radio Mix)" (3:39)
  3. "Nice (Eric Prydz Radio Too Mix)" (3:37)
  4. "Nice (Pablo La Rosa Naugty & Nice Mix)" (7:20)
  5. "Nice (Johnson Somerset Atomic Ice Remix)" (7:01)
  6. "Nice (Mike Greig So Nice Mix)" (3:54)
  7. "Nice (Dready Mix)" (3:51)

Other appearancesEdit

Apart from the single, "Nice" has also appeared on:



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  1. Medsker, David. "Duran Duran: Astronaut Review". PopMatters, 10 December 2004.

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