New Sounds New Styles
Background information
First issue Spring 1981
Genre Music related
Editor Kasper de Graaf
Designer Malcolm Garrett
Photographic contributer(s) Paul Edmond
No of issues 14
Year of final issue 1982

New Sounds New Styles was a music related magazine, first published in Spring 1981.

About the magazineEdit

This was a style magazine launched in 1981 with editor Kasper de Graaf. The magazine was designed by Malcolm Garrett of Assorted Images, a company that produced Duran Duran's record sleeves, books, merchandise and print design from 1981 to 1986.

The magazine also had regular photographic contributions by Paul Edmond, who later published the 2005 Duran Duran Unseen book with authors de Graaf and Garrett.

A 36-page pilot issue was published in April 1981, which set out the origins of the New Romantics. The first issue came out three months later in July. The magazine included clubland reports from New York (USA) to Liverpool (UK), fashion from Birmingham (UK), and music from funk to punk.

After 14 issues the publication folded in 1984 and although shortlived proved to be an exciting vehicle for Garratt's experimental graphical style, who introduced a new format using witty graphic puns and devices for young style-conscious market.

Content example:
Before the first issue was published in Spring 1981 and during a period when the New Romantic music scene was at its heights of fashion with new bands adopting outrageous images, Kasper de Graaf asked some of the musical artists one question in the spring pilot issue "Did this seemingly frivolous, if highly sociable, new youth movement have a future?".

“The whole thing is a big bubble that's going to burst. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more to come from this scene.”

  • Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode) answered;

"As long as bands like ourselves don’t get tied in with the futurist thing we’ll be all right. The clubs are going to get a lot bigger now Spandau Ballet have broken the music for a broader public, tastes will slowly change and that’s been needed for a long time.”

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