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Neurotic Outsiders
album cover
Released 10 September 1996
Genre Hard rock, Alternative rock, Punk rock
Length 44:45
Label Maverick / Warner Bros. Records
Producer Jerry Harrison
Neurotic Outsiders

Neurotic Outsiders is a self-titled album by Neurotic Outsiders, a supergroup including John Taylor of Duran Duran. The album, published on Maverick / Warner Brothers Records in 1996 and now out of print, was the band's only release.

About the album Edit

The album features three songs written by John Taylor: "Feelings Are Good", "Always Wrong", and "Better Way" (co-written with Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones). The song "Feelings Are Good" was later re-recorded for Taylor's first solo album Feelings Are Good And Other Lies, released in 1997.

The collection also includes a cover version of "Janie Jones", a song originally released by British punk rock band The Clash in 1977.

Track listing Edit

All tracks composed by Steve Jones except where indicated

  1. "Nasty Ho" (4:32)
  2. "Always Wrong" (John Taylor) (3:25)
  3. "Angelina" (2:55)
  4. "Good News" (3:32)
  5. "Better Way" (Jones, John Taylor) (4:22)
  6. "Feelings Are Good" (John Taylor) (3:23)
  7. "Revolution" (3:48)
  8. "Jerk" (4:10)
  9. "Union" (4:29)
  10. "Janie Jones" (Joe Strummer, Mick Jones) (1:53)
  11. "Story of My Life" (4:10)
  12. "Six Feet Under" (Jones, Duff McKagan) (4:00)


Neurotic Outsiders are:

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