NRJ Fashion Night
NRJ Fashion Night switzerland duran duran
unofficial live album
Venue Hallenstadion, Zürich
Switzerland Switzerland flag
Recorded 7 May 2011
Released 2011
Design Romanduran
Format CDr
Length 5 tracks
Genre Pop
Producer Duran Duran
reverse cover
NRJ Fashion Night duran duran
Zürich (Switzerland), Hallenstadion Energy Fashion Night duran duran duran duran
1 hallen duran duran
Hallenstadion, Zürich wikipedia duran duran

NRJ Fashion Night is an unofficial Duran Duran live album, recorded at the NRJ Energy Fashion Night, Hallenstadion in Zürich, Switzerland on 7 May 2011.

About the albumEdit

The album is a recording of Duran Duran's performance at the NRJ Energy Fashion Night, the first show performed by the band in Switzerland during 2011. The event was held at a 14,000 capacity venue located in the quarter of Oerlikon in northern Zürich.

Almost three years after performing the Maag Music Hall show in Zürich, Duran Duran returned to Switzerland's largest city. The event included fashion models parading on a catwalk and was organised by NRJ, a European commercial radio brand.

After a short introduction, Duran Duran took to the stage and opened their set with the title track to All You Need Is Now.

"(Reach Up for The) Sunrise" was next, performed with a giant video screen and eight curved lighting panels as a backdrop. The band finished with "Notorious", a single which reached no.4 in Switzerland during 1986.

Duran Duran continued their 2011 European Tour the following evening, performing the RDS Auditorium Multimediale show in Italy on 8 May 2011.

Track listingEdit

  1. Intro
  2. "All You Need Is Now"
  3. "(Reach Up for The) Sunrise"
  4. "Girl Panic!"
  5. "Notorious"


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  • Photos by Incuboy.
  • Thanks to Kirsty.
  • Cover sleeve by Romanduran, 2011.
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