My Antarctica
1- cov06antarctica edited
compilation album
Released 2006
Recorded various
Genre Pop, Dance
Length 12 tracks
Label unofficial
Producer various
Duran Duran

My Antarctica is an unofficial Duran Duran 12-track compilation album, released in 2006.

About the albumEdit

The album is a collection of Duran Duran mixes which includes a version of "My Antarctica", a track originally released on the Liberty album in 1990. Simon Le Bon later added that "My Antarctica" is one of the most beautiful songs Duran Duran have ever created.

There is also a mix by Ian Little, who in the early 1980s produced the single "Is There Something I Should Know?" and the Seven and the Ragged Tiger album. The album also features the Perfecto Mix of The Saint movie theme song "Out Of My Mind", created by Steve Osborne and Paul Oakenfold.

Track listingEdit

  1. "My Antarctica" (Wrapped in A Throb Mix)
  2. "Secret Oktober" (DJ Funky Remix)
  3. "The Edge of America" (Magterhuis Remix)
  4. "The Chauffeur" (Pepe Duranies Extended Cut)
  5. "Come Undone" (Churban Remix)
  6. "Save A Prayer" (White Label Remix)
  7. "Ordinary World" (Big Comeback Remix)
  8. "Someone Else Not Me" (Peter´s Honor Radio Mix)
  9. "Out Of My Mind" (Perfecto Mix)
  10. "Tel Aviv" (Arabian Nights Mix)
  11. "Tiger Tiger" (Ian Little Remix)
  12. "Milsmixes" (Truelyundone)

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