Music To Kill For
Music to kill for duran duran
compilation album by various artists
Country USA Dbi flag usa
Catalogue no. 20-52150 / MSB6049
Label Minoan Music
Format CD
Length 19 tracks
Released 2008
Genre Pop, Rock, Electronic
Producer Various
reverse cover
Music to kill for duran duran 1
featuring Warren Cuccurullo

Music To Kill For is a promotional-only compilation album featuring Warren Cuccurullo, released in the USA by Minoan Music in 2008.

About the albumEdit

The album is a collection of songs by various artists, presented in a cardboard sleeve and given away at a music festival in the USA.

The compilation is part of a series and features two Warren Cuccurullo tracks, including "The Power (Is Wot It Is)" from his N'Liten Up album.

Also featured is Stimulator, a band who were an opening act on various US shows of Duran Duran's Astronaut Tour in 2005.

Track listingEdit

20-52150 / MSB6049Edit

  1. "The Devil" - Benton Paul
  2. "Thinkartoonz" - Doubleyousee aka Warren Cuccurullo & The Imageorkestra
  3. "I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll" - Thunder
  4. "Just Dream" - Carol Decker
  5. "Easier Said Than Done" - Gregg Swann
  6. "N Star" - Sweet Bronco
  7. "I'm A Viking" - David Boostman
  8. "Have Fun" - Nojazz
  9. "I Can't Go For That" - Frank Shofner feat. Samantha Newark
  10. "Waiting For You" - Leah Devon
  11. "On The Line" - Justin Vadini and Vaugh Tromburg
  12. "Passion Shards" - Antherius
  13. "Acid Test" - Travis Tooke
  14. "Anonymous Bodies" - Catalonia
  15. "Gentlemen Prefer Polariods" - Stimulator
  16. "Falling To Pieces" - Jon Jones
  17. "In That Canyon" - Amanda Green
  18. "The Power (Is Wot It Is)" - Doubleyousee aka Warren Cuccurullo & The Imageorkestra
  19. "Stalking Fever (No Sleeping In The Dark)" (edit) - Eric Alexandrakis

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