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Midnight Sun

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Midnight Sun
Medazzaland duran
song by Duran Duran
Released 14 October 1997
Recorded 1995-97
Genre Pop
Length 3:41
Label Capitol Records / EMI
Producer TV Mania
Duran Duran

"Midnight Sun" is a Duran Duran song, released on the Medazzaland album by Capitol Records / EMI on the 14 October 1997.

About the song Edit

The song was written by Duran Duran and produced by TV Mania. The track is a ballad, featuring a melodic, beautiful musical tones, but the demo version is regarded as having a better ending. The demo version is available on the unofficial albums Here Today Gone Tomorrow and Medazzaland Edited / Alternates.

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Lyrics Edit

As I watch you flickering slowly 

in the shadows nothing to hold 

it's as if I don't recall 

our time before and would it be so wrong 

- not to remember? 

There are times I look at you differently 

like I'd never seen you before 

funny after all we've done 

you could be someone 

I don't know at all 

(don't know you at all) 

catch me I don't want to fall 

but you pull the mountain from under me 

look I'm dangling up in the blue 

and it's a cartoon coyote eternity 

before I drop down to you 

what am I supposed to do now? 

(Middle instrumental) 

There is something beautiful shining 

in the far off night of your hair 

funny for a while it seemed 

to come from the sky but it's in your head 

yes it fills your head 

you and I don't always fly 

let me go I want to fall 

deep into the dark 

but I'll get back to you 

and I'll always know how to find you 

Cause you shine like the midnight sun

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