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Miami Vice: Stone's War
Duran miami vice 3
episode information
Directed by David Jackson
Written by David Jackson
Created by Anthony Yerovich
Starring Don Johnson
Philip Michael Thomas
First aired 3 October 1986
featuring music by Andy Taylor

Miami Vice: Stone's War is episode 2 from season 3 of the TV series Miami Vice, directed by David Jackson and first aired on 3 October 1986. The episode includes "When The Rain Comes Down" by Andy Taylor.

About the episode Edit

The plot of Stone's Wars revolves around Liddy supplying arms to unnamed fighters in an unnamed Central American country, but it's evident that it's US arms being shipped to the Contras in Nicaragua. There are performances by Bob Baliban and G Gordon Liddy reprising their roles from an episode from the previous season, with the final scene set to Jackson Browne's "Lives in the Balance" making a powerful ending.

The episode features Andy Taylor's song "When The Rain Comes Down", which is also included on the Miami Vice 2: Soundtrack and "Mercy" by Steve Jones, who Andy worked with on many of his solo tracks.

Cast Edit

  • Don Johnson - Detective James Crockett
  • Philip Michael Thomas - Detective Ricardo Tubbs
  • Saundra Santiago - Detective Gina Calabrese (credit only)
  • Michael Talbott - Detective Stan Switek
  • John Diel - Detective Larry Zito (credit only)
  • Olivia Brown - Detective Trudy Joplin
  • Edward James Olmos - Lieutenant Martin Castillo
  • Bob Balaban - Ira Stone
  • G. Gordon Liddy - Mr. Real Estate / Capt. William Maynard
  • Lonette McKee - Journalist
  • Raymond Forchion - O'Hara
  • Eduardo Corbe - Judge Zarvo
  • Dave Corey - Bittenhaus
  • Jody Wilson - Customs Agent

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